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The Cookie Policy explains how uses cookies (and other technologies) to recognize the users who visit the Web site. In this section you can find out what cookies are, why we use them and how you can control the 'use. 

What are cookies? 

Cookies are small pieces of information placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit almost all websites. Cookies are not dangerous because it does not contain your personal information and can not harm your computer or device. They are useful because they allow websites to improve the user experience of users. For example, we use cookies on our site to store your searches as you continue to navigate, ensuring that the results displayed according to your needs. Together with some of our partners we use cookies also to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertisements displayed on our website, or to check how users use the site. In addition to set some cookies, "party cookies displayed", we work with our partners to give you access to more advanced functionality on our site. Our partner set "Third-party cookies" that allow you to access their functionality on or from our website (such as maps or ads). The third-party cookie does not give your personal information, but only when your computer accesses or to other websites. Some cookies, called "session cookies", remain on your computer only while the browser is open, They are automatically deleted when it is closed. The "persistent cookies", on the other hand, remain on your computer or mobile device even after the browser is closed. This allows websites to recognize your computer when you visit again the website to improve navigation. 

What we use cookies? 

Cookies required 
These cookies help you navigate the site and to use its essential features. Without this cookie, our website will not work properly and you may not use features such as access to the pages of your account to manage reservations. 

Cookies analytical and performance 
Cookies analytical performance and help us to understand how our site is used and how to improve the experience of our users. These cookies do not identify your personal information, but provide us with anonymous data, helping us to understand which parts of our site are of interest to our users and if there were any errors. These cookies also allow you to test different layout and new features of the site and we also use them to track how our visitors reach our site, as well as the effectiveness of the advertisements. 

Cookie functional 
We use the cookie feature to save your preferences for our site. Thanks to the cookie feature we can store information such as search settings, allowing you to continue to view results relevant to your search when browsing the site. Some cookies are essential functionality to view videos and maps on our site. 

Advertising Cookie 
The advertising cookies allow you to display ads of your interest while browsing a Web site. For example, some advertising cookies help to select ads related to your interests. Others avoid that the same ad over and over again reappear. Even some of our partners may use cookies or web bacon (file image by one pixel) to allow you to display ads of your interest when you visit other sites. The information collected by these cookies and web beacons do not allow or others to identify your name, your contact information or other personal data, if you decide yourself to provide these details. 

Cookies social network 
Enable the integration of social networking sites. For example the "like" button on Facebook or "Sugui" of Twitter. 

How to manage cookies? 
You can set or change the controls of your browser to delete or disable cookies. If you choose to disable cookies on your computer or mobile device, you may not access or limited access to certain features and areas of our website. On you find simple instructions for managing cookies on the different types of browsers. Much of the advertising networks offer the possibility to refuse cookies. On and find information on the procedure to be followed. 

How can I get more information?

For more information on the use of cookies or the operation of, you can write an email to 

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La Repubblica

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Der Neue Merker

"Den besten Eindruck des ganzen Abends hinterließ Franco Vassallo, der nach seiner Arie im dritten Akt den größten und längst andauernden Zwischenapplaus des gesamten Abends erhielt. Er hat eine fundierte Tiefe, ein männlich-samtenes Timbre und war auch sehr höhensicher. Glaubwürdig gestaltete er den Gérard und gab ihm ein zutiefst menschliches Profil mit allen Stärken und Schwächen dieser Figur."

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"Ihr Bühnenmann Franco Vassallo hat als Macbeth einen gefeierten, immer schönen runden Bariton. Er schafft es – passend zur Rolle – seine ganz offene Stimme wie skrupulös gefesselt wirken zu lassen, ohne je an Stärke zu verlieren."

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"Franco Vassallo... a le phrasé, il a le style, il a surtout des années de Rossini derrière lui, c’est à dire l’habitude de la dynamique et du rythme. Mais surtout, il a le texte et son style, la couleur parce qu’il est italien et que cela n’a pas de secret pour lui."
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